Charles & Diane (Grandpa & Grandma)

We met and married in California then headed to BYU where we spent 7 wonderful years.  Charlie graduated with a masters degree. He had a winding road to finally find his career, teaching seminary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We were blessed to raise our family for the next 32 years as Charlie taught the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are the parents of six sons and one daughter who are our greatest joy and blessing in this grand life.  We are truly blessed to be Kevin’s parents. From the time he was little we have always been asked what we “do” to have raised such a wonderful boy/man. We answer, “he came like this.”  He was our peacemaker; always patient, kind, with a desire to do good. Charlie is now retired and we spend much of our time with our grandkids. We babysit, run to school events, and all of their extracurricular activities; being a parent was great but being a grandparent is even better. We get together at least once a month as an entire family at our house for family dinner and love having everyone together. It is a joy having all of our kids and grandkids within thirty minutes of us so we can spend time together. 

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