our kids

Getting to know our kids

We just want to give a brief glimpse into our two children. We sure love them!


He is our fun loving 8 year old. He is full of personality. He really is such a fun kid. He enjoys playing almost all sports. Soccer, basketball and baseball are what he does for the most part. If we would let him he would be outside riding his bike all day. To bad he has to clean his room and help do chores. He also really enjoys taking piano lessons. He just moved up a level in piano and is so excited about it. He has a natural ear which he can pick music up quickly but causes his teacher grief because he can hear the notes better then reading music. He is a smart kid and if he is reading about something he is interested in he can retain that information and pull it out at the most random times as an interesting tidbit. He is also a great little builder with legos and comes up with some fun designs. He is a great friend and big brother. He worries about his little sister when he goes to school to make sure she will have a good day. He brings home his treats he gets from school to share with his little sister. Couldn't ask for a better kid to be the big brother of this family.


She is our crazy fun loving 5 Year old. She is a very girly girl.
She loves to do art and she calls it her projects. She is always getting paper out of the printer and drawing pictures to hang up around the house or to give to a friend or family member. She also loves building with legos. That was her favorite gift she received for her birthday was some new legos to just be able to create whatever she wanted.
She enjoys dance and she is starting to like soccer more. She did not love soccer last year but when asked if she wanted to play again she said yes. She has participated much better this year.
She is also loving preschool. She is learning and growing so quickly. She loves all her new baby cousins and loves to hold them. She will make a wonderful big sister and will be a great helper.
She is always so excited when it is finally time to pick her big brother up from school. She loves to play with him.