Jeff & Emma

We’re Jeff and Emma, I am Kevin’s youngest brother. My wife and I have been married since Spring of 2018 and just had our first child in Fall 2019, C. I served a mission in Charlotte, North Carolina from July 2014-July 2016 and we plan on going back to visit when I graduate from school. I am going to school to become a middle school English and History teacher at Utah Valley University, and my wife is working at home and being a mom. My wife was in band in high school and I played piano all growing up, we love music. We also enjoy the outdoors; camping, hiking, picnics, and sports. We enjoy going over to Kevin and Melindas and doing dinner and card games with other siblings and friends. In Summer 2018 we went on a two week trip to Europe with Kevin and Melinda, friends, and three other siblings; Kevin and Melinda planned the trip and it was amazing. As much as we love going out we also love a good movie night or tv show marathon together. We love adventures and shopping at antique and thrift stores together. Most importantly we love our family and the time we get to spend with them, from family dinners, trips, and unplanned get togethers we just love being with everyone. 

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